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Please help us create legal precedents to make mandated shunning a crime

Why should I take the survey?

To create legal precedents, we need information, facts and evidence from people who have experienced the emotional, physical, and psychological harm, both short and long-term, of mandated organizational shunning.

We have created an anonymous survey to provide us with some preliminary information that will help us convince governments and the legal community about the scope and magnitude of the problem.

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Take the survey

Our strategy is to invite responses from a range of high-control groups. Please share this survey so an assessment of how such groups operate can be made. If you have not yet completed the survey it can be found here.

We need your support to make a difference. Your contribution can help us gather crucial research data, spread awareness, advocate for change, and help set legal precedents in order to stop mandated shunning.


How you can help

We are looking for people who have experienced mandated shunning, who understand organizational bullying, who want to make a difference or would like to be volunteers to help us make mandated shunning a crime.