Patrick Haeck Talks to OnionUnlimited About the “Lost” Belgium Court Case


The team at Stop Mandated Shunning highly recommends watching and listening to this entertaining and informative podcast about mandated shunning. It features an engaging conversation between two ex-JW elders, Patrick Haeck and Daniel Torridon, who compare this form of shunning to a social death sentence and stoning. In one hour, get caught up on why mandated shunning should be treated …

Shunning is a Crime

Richard Kelly Talks to OnionUnlimited About the Genesis of Stop Mandated Shunning


On 11 September 2023, Richard E. Kelly was interviewed by Daniel Torridon from the Onion Unlimited podcast. The interview explored Richard’s powerful and often painful story and much more: Click here to watch the podcast on OnionUnlimited’s YouTube channel.