Esther Gebhard

Esther Gebhard: Mandated Shunning at an Early Age


I was five when my parents joined a faith-based group that practised and enforced mandated shunning. At seven, my mother’s good friend was disfellowshipped and everyone in our group was informed that we had to shun this person to be loyal to God. If we didn’t, we’d be shunned. A few months later, I was walking with my mom when …

Corina Gabriel

Corina Gabriel: It’s Not Easy, But There Is Life After Mandated Shunning


To say that I was born and raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion does not accurately describe the scope and magnitude of its effect on my life. It was more than a religion; it was my entire existence. It wasn’t just how I worshipped; it was who I was. Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses was so inextricably a part of …

Monica Rodriguez

Monica Velin Rodriguez: Can You Help Me Stop Mandated Shunning?


I was 39 years old when I first realized I was going to die. All my life I’d been led to believe and cherished God’s promise to me that I would live forever on a Paradise Earth. However, I had begun to doubt this was possible. Was I mortal? Had I been misguided? Years of bullying,  double standards, and contradictions …

Holy Books in Glass Cases: When Religious Freedom Turns Absurd

John MeulenbergArticles

Robert U. Rational “Holy Books in Glass Cases: When Religious Freedom Turns Absurd” Ever wondered if your next Bible Belt neighborhood barbecue could legally double as a witch burning, if you claimed it as a religious practice? Of course, before you start planning a themed party complete with pitchforks—or wood stacks, for that matter—let’s consider where we draw the line …


Patrick Haeck Talks to OnionUnlimited About the “Lost” Belgium Court Case


The team at Stop Mandated Shunning highly recommends watching and listening to this entertaining and informative podcast about mandated shunning. It features an engaging conversation between two ex-JW elders, Patrick Haeck and Daniel Torridon, who compare this form of shunning to a social death sentence and stoning. In one hour, get caught up on why mandated shunning should be treated …

Shunning is a Crime

SAWS Requests Meeting to Discuss Mandated Shunning With High Control Group


The Foundation Against Watchtower Shunning (SAWS), registered in Aalten, Holland has sent 7 letters to the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (CCJW) in the Netherlands inviting them to enter a dialogue with all those who continue to suffer because of the religious mandated shunning policy.  A press release has been circulated stating that if the CCJW Directors or representatives ignore the …

Shunning is a Crime

Richard Kelly Talks to OnionUnlimited About the Genesis of Stop Mandated Shunning


On 11 September 2023, Richard E. Kelly was interviewed by Daniel Torridon from the Onion Unlimited podcast. The interview explored Richard’s powerful and often painful story and much more: Click here to watch the podcast on OnionUnlimited’s YouTube channel.


Lifetime of Shunning, Early Death and Mandated Abuse


In the early 1960’s my mother began to study the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses with the woman who lived next door. She was at a low ebb. My father had recently had another nervous breakdown, and she felt she had nowhere to turn. Jehovah’s Witnesses offered a false hope to a frightened woman, and she still clings to that fallacy …

Ghent Court

The Shunning Court Case in Belgium


In a letter dated January 26th 2015, addressed to the Public Prosecutor in Ghent, Belgium, Patrick Haeck and about 15 other brave ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses took the initiative to file a complaint against the shunning policy of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The complaint mentioned that the behaviour towards disfellowshipped and disassociated members of this community was a violation of multiple Belgian laws: A thorough investigation …