Tell your mandated shunning story

Tell Your Story

Sharing your story will help us in our campaign to stop mandated shunning

Why tell your shunning story?

Stories are essential in understanding why, how, who, when and where inhumane and unethical events occurred in people's lives. Each story is valuable in understanding ourselves, but also in helping others. Mandated shunning stories could be used as evidence to address unfair treatment.

You can tell us as much or as little as you want about what happened to you. You can choose whether to give details such as names, places or dates. We will not use or publish your story without your consent.

How has your experience of mandated shunning affected you?

It may be helpful to carry this question with you for a few days and jot down notes, memories or incidents before you write a more detailed story. If remembering and writing about your experiences triggers upsetting memories and feelings, please take care of your well-being first. If you'd like to speak to someone about how you feel, you can find a list of global helplines and resources on this external site. When telling your story do not give identifying details about yourself if you want to remain anonymous.

Here are some prompts to think about that may help in drafting your story

Regarding how much to write, 500-1000 words is enough. It may be easier to write offline and come back to this page and drop your story into the box below. If you prefer not use the form below then just send us an email with your story using the link below.

Please indicate in the email that you are giving your consent for your story to be shared with lawyers and researchers.

Please also let us know if we can share your story on the Stop Mandated Shunning website.

  • How have you been shunned?
  • At what age were you shunned?
  • Were you shunned as a child (under 18)?
  • Did you feel forced to shun someone while you were a child?
  • Why and how did you leave your high control group?
  • What did you lose?
  • What or who do you miss?
  • What did you gain?
  • Who let you down?
  • What has helped you cope with the impacts of what happened to you, and what has made it more difficult?
  • What has helped you to cope?
  • What would you like changed to protect yourself and others from the impact of mandated shunning?
  • How would your life be different now if you had not been shunned

We need your consent to use the information you may share with us. You can change your mind about allowing us to use your story at any time. Using your story may include publishing it on the Stop Mandated Shunning website and sharing it with researchers and legal experts. Information about GDPR and consent can be found here.

    Can we use your story on the Stop Mandated Shunning website?

    Thank you for getting involved. We acknowledge your courage. We may contact you for an interview and to provide a more detailed consent form if your story illustrates an aspect of mandated shunning that could be used in evidence.