Exclusive Brethren

“Doctrine That Divides”—BBC Omnibus: Exclusive Brethren Documentary (1976)


Stop Mandated Shunning was initiated by ex-members of Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, we want to raise awareness that mandated shunning is carried out by other faith-based organisations too. The following video is a rare copy of an early BBC documentary about the Exclusive Brethren. Presented by Peter France and directed by Jim Murray, “Doctrine That Divides” was first broadcast in September 1976.

Our website gives a voice to all victims of mandated shunning, making public the intense suffering caused by this barbaric practice, and sending a wake-up call that, while there is nothing wrong with believing in something, it should never be used to harm people. Stop Mandated Shunning calls on politicians worldwide to investigate their legal systems and identify laws that need to be changed to prevent social murder “in the name of God”. For this, we warmly welcome the cooperation of any person with a story or evidence that can contribute to stopping the violation of human rights that is mandated shunning.