Shunning is a Crime

Richard Kelly Talks to OnionUnlimited About the Genesis of Stop Mandated Shunning


On 11 September 2023, Richard E. Kelly was interviewed by Daniel Torridon from the Onion Unlimited podcast. The interview explored Richard’s powerful and often painful story and much more:

  • the recognition of the need for legal action to address mandated shunning by high control groups; 
  • the human rights violations that created a framework to address mandated shunning in courts;
  • the thinking and work that has gone into developing the website, Stop Mandated Shunning;
  • the desire to create a legal precedent to end mandated shunning;
  • the need for stories and the invitation to share personal stories;
  • the invitation to complete the survey;
  • the intention and the work to network with survivors of shunning in the belief systems of Exclusive Brethren, Hassidic Jews, Bahá’í Faith, Amish, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Scientologists.

Click here to watch the podcast on OnionUnlimited’s YouTube channel.